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Today’s families are busier than ever. Finding time to fit in physical activities and exercise can be a challenge. By planning family activities can help your family become more healthy and fit and bring them together. While exercising may seem like a chore there are solutions that your children will enjoy and won’t seem like exercise.

Getting your family more active will not be the only benefit to your family activities. You will find that your family will start to enjoy the time spent together and become closer as a family unit. You will soon notice your family to start encouraging the others during difficult times and be happy when they achieve new goals.

If you are looking for some ideas to get your family up and moving you may want to try these:

1. There is nothing wrong with a little competition. Divide your family up in teams and create a obstacle course or hold family races. Another idea would be to play your favorite game such as basketball, baseball or a good old fashioned game of touch football.

2. A walk is a great way to encourage your family to get moving. You could even plan a family walk every evening after your dinner. Walking is good for the body and will give you an opportunity to talk to your kids and discuss what is happening in their lives. You can even turn a walk into an adventure by going to a local park and learning about nature.

3. Riding bikes is a great family activity. You can ride through your community or make a day of it and venture on to a bike trail or park.

4. Dancing is fun and great opportunity to get your family off the couch. How can you not have fun when everyone around you is dancing and having a great time. So turn up the radio and shake that booty.

5. Games are fun. Play some games with your child such as hide and seek, tag or even simon says.

You may be unsure if your family will be open to such activities by start by planning one. Once your family sees how much fun it is getting active together it will become easier to plan more.

Are you ready to get your family become more active? Visit Trish Holfelder’s blog about healthy family meals and pick up your free ebook on fun family activities and get your family moving.

79th Annual Oregon Logging Conference Family Fun Day
The 79th Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) took place on February 23 – 25, 2017 at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene, Oregon. Family Fun Day was on Saturday, Feb. 25th, when exhibits, machinery, and activities are open to the general public. (
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