Does the Modified Mediterranean Diet Work?

Modified Mediterranean diet consists of healthy foods that can definitely help you improve your health. It is one of the most famous diets that is known to have many benefits including anti-aging results. Mediterranean diet is said to help in the prevention of certain diseases such as heart illness in the Mediterranean area.

Plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals make up the modified Mediterranean diet. Moderate intake of seafood is also necessary as well as low amount of saturated fat and large amount if unsaturated fat such as olive oil. Mediterranean diet requires fewer intakes of meat, dairy products and alcohol including red wine. This diet is simple and sensible. The proper cooking preparation is necessary to achieve the best results.

Like many other diet programs, modified Mediterranean diet recommends lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, which provides fiber for the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. If you consume fruits and vegetables, you will get the essential nutrients that help in the prevention of several illnesses. Modified Mediterranean diet requires you to eat raw foods or foods that are half-cooked. Raw or half-cooked vegetables maintain their nutrients, resulting to better health.

Fish and other seafood are part of this diet because fish is a good source of Omega 3 that is necessary for the heart. Protein is essential for the body and seafood has proteins that can revitalize the cells.

If you go through modified Mediterranean diet, you must prevent consuming saturated oil. As an alternative, unsaturated fat should be taken such as olive oil. Olive oil has monounsaturated fat, which has anti-oxidant properties. Taking olive oil can help in eliminating other forms of fats from different oil sources.

If you take too much saturated fat, you may have higher risks of serious illnesses such as cardiovascular problems and blood clotting. This is because saturated oils can hinder the function of Omega 3. Moreover, atherosclerosis is decreased with olive oil.

You should take dairy products in moderation in modified Mediterranean diet. Goat’s milk, feta cheese and skimmed milk products are recommended.

In modified Mediterranean diet, you need to eat foods that come from plants. You must eat all kinds of fresh vegetables to be able to get the right amount of fiber as well as anti-oxidant. Nuts and beans are recommended.

Modified Mediterranean diet is not a weight loss program. You cannot achieve toned abs by using this kind of diet. To be able to lose weight, you have to stick to modified Mediterranean diet together with proper exercise. This diet is only helpful for people who have means to acquire fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you are dreaming to lose weight immediately, Mediterranean diet will not do the trick. The fact that this diet was based from the eating habits of the people of the Mediterranean, it is difficult to follow this diet especially to those who live in a location that has no natural food source.

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