Enjoy A Weekend Away On A Hassle Free Family Reunion

Family reunions are a rarity- so when you do plan one you want it to be a success. You need to appeal across all ages and find a location that brings the family together.

Whether it is a milestone birthday or anniversary, a weekend away, combined family holiday or a long planned for reunion it is a good idea to choose somewhere that everybody has to travel to. It means that not any one family is dumped with all the responsibility of the occasion and it highlights your get together as the event everyone is there for.

Often setting your reunion in an area of natural beauty is a big help- some locations are surrounded by a beautiful backdrop with a plethora of activities to cater for visitors. Budget is also a factor when considering accommodation, activities and catering. Ideally it is a good idea for each family unit to be responsible for paying their own expenses to make it easier for some organisers. Groups may pool a kitty so incidental expenses are dealt with.

Meet somewhere half way. there are a few points to consider with accommodation: – ideally search for somewhere that gives each family or couple their own space to retreat to – lots of common areas that all ages can interact – ground floor units available in case someone has mobility issues – highchairs and cots available for little ones. Ensure there is a range of accommodation to suit couples through to family groups.

Ensure your accommodation has common meal preparation areas- for example covered BBQ areas preferably overlooking playgrounds, pools or gardens. Self contained accommodation is ideal as it gives more flexibility with budgets and meal options. Determine well beforehand how meals will be catered for. At our last reunion, each family took turns catering for a different meal: we even had a system for the group catering for the kids snack times. The older generation were also supplied with lunches from their family- so it meant they rarely catered for themselves. Other nights were designated for a meal out or fish and chips on the beach, and we tried to include a girls’ night out and boys’ visit to the pub.

Remember not everyone will want to be involved in group outings all the time. Be relaxed enough with the itinerary so everyone can do their own thing. Ensure the location has a variety of meal options so the group can go their separate ways- preferably to a range of restaurants, cafes and takeaways. It is best if they are in walking distance. If you want some group functions out- call as soon as possible in case the venue is busy on the day.

Certainly, organised day tours are an option for large groups of people – the fact that they provide meals is a bonus too. Plan well as your group needs a range of activities to choose from. It is good to balance these with some free activities e.g. fishing, beach swimming, bushwalking, picnics and National Parks. Make sure there are options to include some physical activity in your holiday – game of soccer, badminton or touch football is a great way to mix with relatives you haven’t seen in a while. Extreme adventures may appeal to some – see what is on offer. Family activities will appeal to the majority so leave time for a boat trip, playground visit or to see some native animals.

Although one or two family members takes the lead on organisation, it is good to poll the whole family to determine dates, locations, venues, activities and catering. Go with the majority – but be sure to make it easy for the organisers to pull it all together.

All this and more is here at Rainbow Getaway, for your next no fuss- all fun family reunion, big or small, with family activities for all ages and abilities. Share this with your relations to get them thinking – for the best beach holiday or reunion.

Farming activity in full swing in Kashmir, India
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A shot from the running train from Srinagar to Anantnag. Farming is the most common occupation in all of Kashmir and rice is their staple food. July was the paddy sowing time. Everywhere we went, entire families were busy in these activities.

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People of the valley: Kashmir
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By Bessi from Pixabay

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