Family Activities: Teaching Kids About Money

If you’re running out of ideas on how to spend quality time with your children then you might be interested to know that spending time doesn’t always mean a trip to the mall or anything special. It can be something that you can teach them like how to make use of their money properly. In fact, letting them join in and put their two cents in, literally and figuratively, on the family budget is a great way to make them feel more involved.

You can teach your kids to save the allowance they receive and you will be surprised at how much this will teach them how to appreciate money. It teaches your kids the importance of saving up for another day and lets them spend their money on things that they, and you find are more important. In fact, you can also try and convince them to start saving up for college as early as they can.

Saving up money also lets them buy bigger things. Show your kids that if they save up their allowance, just even once a week, they would be able to buy things like the newest videogame or even something that they have been wanting to have for the longest time. This way they’ll get to see the buying power money has and you can teach them how to shop like a smart consumer.

Another thing you can suggest to your child is to keep a budget. You are definitely never too young to learn how to spend you money wisely and a budget allows you to do exactly that. So teach you kid how to set aside for the things that he or she needs and then you can be amazed at how easily this lets your child prepare for the future.

When your kid is old enough, one of the other things that you can suggest is to have them earn their money. Give them household responsibilities that they can do for cash. Or if they’re broad-minded, have them start their very own business like a lemonade stand. It teaches them the fruits of hard work and they can better appreciate money they know they labored for.

If your kids can learn all the good things that money brings, you can also teach them to become more responsible adults in the future. You should be careful never to overindulge as this might bring about a spending spree from your kids which, in light of the recent crises, you surely do not want happening.

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This was the first day of fair weather in weeks on the coast, and the shoeline was dotted with small fires from groups enjoying the sunset.

As usual with the people I seem to meet here, they all had relatives in Norway. Or at least these thought they did; as their name started with Mac… I said, sure, you might be Norwegian and took them up on their offer of a shoreside drink, or it might have been five, to celebrate our (and prove my) ethnic heritage.

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