Negative Impacts of Crash Diets

People give lot of important to appearance nowadays. At present it is very crucial how your appearance is in front of public and many people judge you based on dress you wear and your personality. Thus, people focus too much on body shape and weight. In previous days, women were very much concerned about body structure and weight but at present even men have starting giving much importance to it. So, there is an increasing awareness on how to maintaining the body structure and fitness. There are many eating habits and diet routines suggested by fitness experts and health counselors but no one realized the negative impact of crash diet on their body.

The concept of crash diet is making your body slim and fit in short span of time and it could be very dangerous for your health in long term. If you take crash diets, you must understand that by consuming such food some important nutrients are lost in your body and you will suffer from nutrient deficiency that could lead to various other health issues.

Some health experts believe that when people go for crash diet they don’t get the right amount of calcium and therefore the body starts extracting calcium from the bones. This can result into weaker bones and teeth in the future. Hence, the patient becomes more prone to fractures and bone injuries.

Also crash diet is not beneficial for the body’s immune system. You are aware that immune system safeguards the body from diseases and is very important for good health. Only immune system helps our body to fight against various harmful viruses and bacteria which lead to diseases. If you do not have a strong immune system you might face various diseases like cholera, typhoid, malaria and various other diseases caused due to viruses and bacteria. As per survey in health magazine, it was reported that seventy percent of people taking crash diet have faced flu and other problems like common cold since their immune system is not good enough to fight the harmful microbes.

Crash diets could create problems such as bulimia which can disrupt your usual life and get your bed ridden and sick in hospital. Whatever food you take will not get digested properly and will cause vomiting if you have bulimia. Digestive organs become weak and do not function properly because of this disease and since patients vomit frequently, the digestive enzymes are ejected through mouth leading to teeth corrosion. Diseases such as anorexia appear among fashion models because of crash diets which can damage their kidneys, heart and liver as their body gets delicate and is not strong enough to safeguard them from external injuries.

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