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Good Charlotte had this song “Motivation Proclamation.” If anything, the title should be everyone’s personal theme. It confirms how motivation can invite all the positive things in life.

When we were kids, we were motivated to do well in games so we would always win. When we were studying, our motivation to study hard was the idea that our parents would reward us. For college graduates, a future job was what motivated us.

Motivation can take us far, we all know that. Losing the motivation to do something is a bad idea . That’s why for suicidal people, death is the best option because they already lost the motivation to live.

What is motivation anyway? It is that condition that triggers behavior and impels the person to do something. It is that desire that gives the energy and direction for goals.

We need to know more about motivation as it can empower us more. Here are more information on motivation:

1. What is the importance of motivation?

There are people like motivation theorists who question themselves how influential motivation is on behavior. They still ask themselves if behavior stem from the principles, environmental influences, emotions and personality or if motivation is truly inherent.

Motivation is so important because it increases the response of a person to a certain event. For example, a sudden announcement that the one who can graduate with honors will receive a vacation to Jamaica will urge everyone to study harder.

There was this guy who probably lost the motivation to go on with life. Then one day, he met a girl who instantly motivated him to continue living. That’s a clear demonstration on the importance of behavior.

2. What is the relationship between motivation and emotion?

Emotion is entirely different from motivation, that’s one thing you need to know. Motivation can be an emotion, yes, but emotion per se needs not any affixed goal. Emotions come out because they are results to human-to-human and human-to-environment interactions. These two are related as you motivate yourself to change your feelings.

3. What is the source of motivation?

We can categorize the source into two: extrinsic or intrinsic. Intrinsic (meaning, within the person) can be subcategorized into the physical, mental (which has the following: conative, affective and cognitive) and spiritual. Extrinsic means outside of the person.

4. What are the sources of motivational needs?

a. Behavior or external

This source is from a stimulus related to another stimulus. It has the rewards and the not-so-good consequences.

b. Social

Don’t we all want to belong? This motivational need source means that we need to look for positive models.

c. Biological

It entails the following: sense activation as the senses of touch, smell and taste work themselves out, relieving hunger and thirst and keeping the body’s homeostasis.

d. Cognitive

This covers personal dreams, self-efficacy maintenance, control of your life, meeting goals and accomplishing plans.

e. Spiritual

This is about understanding your purpose in life and finding out about faith and the unknown.

5. What are the theories of motivation?

a. Behavioral Motivation Theory

This simply states that behavior is important for motivation.

b. Cognitive Motivation Theory. This states that motivation is equivalent to perceived success probability, success and reward connection and value of goal.

6. How to stay motivated?

Now this is tricky. We always lose step and lose motivation altogether. How to keep it?

a. Take goal setting seriously.

b. Deal with your personal problems head-on.

If it means attending therapy sessions and reading self-help books, do so.

c. Solving the problem yourself.

d. Never lack interest over something you’ve always been passionate about.

e. Defeat the following self-deprecating behavior patterns like extreme dependence.

f. Never make fear as your motivator.

It will never lead you anywhere.

g. Have fun with your life!

Just being in control with your life and enjoying each moment will motivate you to do the best in every activity you find yourself in. Whether it is as menial as washing the dishes or as important as finishing college, motivation always leads you to the end, to your desired result. You can also be your friend’s motivator! Pep them up, inspire them and you will see what satisfaction can that bring!

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