What is the Best Lower Abs Workout for Men?

With the new year upon us, thousands of men have vowed that this will be the year they will finally earn the six pack abs they have always craved. However, the fact remains that most will give up on this goal within a couple of months, and this is because they simply do not know how. Armed with knowledge, any guy can succeed at his workout goals this year.

The Hanging Knee Raise

The hanging knee raise is a great exercise to include in a workout regimen geared toward the development of rock-hard abs. Participants must attach an arm harness to a workout bar, which will allow the body to hang. The goal of the exercise is to raise the knees as close to the chest as possible, and this exercise should be repeated until the participant has exhausted his energy.

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is a beneficial tool that many fail to implement in their workouts, and it can be used to target a variety of muscle groups. To zone in on the lower abs, the participant should first place their torso on the ball with their hands and feet supporting them. Next, the hands should be used to walk the body forward until the feet are off of the floor. Once in this position, the knees should be pulled toward the abdomen until the feet are under the torso. This position should be held for three seconds, and then the original position should be regained. This should be repeated until the participant is fatigued.

Don’t Isolate the Abs

One of the biggest mistakes made by exercisers attempting to enhance a particular body part is that they zone in on that area. Although their efforts are made sincerely, it is important to understand that the entire body must be utilized in order to increase metabolism and burn fat.

While continuing to implement the tips mentioned in proper lower abs workout technique, the participant must also ensure they are implementing sufficient cardiovascular exercise to allow a full-body workout. Not only will this improve overall health, but it also decreases recovery time following an intense workout. Exercisers can implement cardiovascular exercise through a variety of outlets from jogging and biking to rowing and more; the options are exponential!

Stick it Out

The beginning of a new year is an encouraging time to get in shape. With increased traffic in the gym, exercisers are easily motivated and have a clear goal in mind. However, as the monotony of a regular workout routine begins to settle in, those numbers inevitably dwindle in the months that follow.

By following these three tips, exercisers have at their disposal the tools necessary to achieve the abs they desire; however, the will power necessary to continue is up to the individual. By sticking to the plan and not giving up, the exerciser will soon see the results they dreamed of, and this is often all the motivation necessary to make continuing the regimen easy.

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